Sunday, August 25, 2013


For many years I struggled with adult acne. The sebum under my cheeks seemed to never want to clear up. I used the best known acne soaps such as Black Soap, it worked for a week, but it dried out my skin something fierce. I used soaps imported from France, Germany and even Africa, none worked the way they promised to. I used the herbal remedies that claimed to be mixed with the most top notch organic ingredients, but some, like Tea Tree Oil, were so strong they burned my skin, while others were too weak to create an impressive effect.
When I heard how Hemp Seed Oil worked I felt I had nothing to lose -except the pimples- so I tried it. I noticed that the oil was very much unlike other oils. It did not sit on the skin like a layer of shinny slick oil. Instead it soaked into my skin within ten minutes. I seriously liked that. Within the first hour, yes the first hour, my skin already felt velvety. It was such an awesome feeling. I knew it was working. I applied my make-up as usual, and went out. By the time I got home my make-up was still fresh looking and my face was looking even more vibrant!
During the first week the breakouts were not happening. Also, it was so amazing how much the current pimples were diminishing before my eyes. Every morning I awoke I ran my fingertips over my cheeks and voila, my skin was smoother and less pimples day by day. After approximately two months I started to notice that scarring caused by the years of acne begin to disappear before my eyes.
I've been using it for a year now and I have even noticed that it is awesome for wrinkles. I am not claiming that it turns back the hands of time, but I am saying that this awesome oil literally holds the power make the skin seem more resilient to fine lines.
At the inexpensive price you will pay for the oil, just $10 for a six week supply, or $20 for a twelve week supply, it is well worth your while to at least try it once. I can sincerely say that it does work even on some of the toughest acne. I love it. I use it once a day now. I use it in the morning and even on the days that I don't use it my skin does not breakout. Not at all. It's like this oil refurbished my skin and enhanced it's ability to replenish itself.
I like that it has healed my skin so my skin can replenish itself as opposed to me having to rely on the oil indefinitely.
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Tuesday, August 20, 2013



Back in the day most women would complain about wrinkles and blemishes, while men were fixated on muscles. These days there has been a shift. Women and men are both realizing the importance of physical fitness and preserving youth. 
Presently Botox injections, fillers, laser treatments and face lifts are some of the most popular ways people choose to stay looking young. That is why there has been such a male clientele increase in MedSpa's, and similarly, women registration at fitness gyms. People, male and female alike, want to look and feel healthy and beautiful. 
It all comes down to personal choice. So whether you want to get injected and/or work up a sweat the decision is yours. However, there are other ways of boosting your health and enhancing that youthful look. 
For instance, did you know that getting more vitamin A,  and working out for 15-60 minutes a day is also good for replenishing skin and tightening it so the wrinkles cannot creep in?!
For more of an impact on your overall health, not just your skin, try this all natural oil.
Hemp Seed Oil Contains:
Vitamin E (Is believed to:Vitamin E is an antioxidant. Vitamin E eases respiratory problems, can help to prevent damage done to the body by diabetes and it helps to boost your immune system.)
Chlorophyll (is believed to: Chlorophyll can cure, help to cure, or improve burns, leg ulcers, trench mouth, tonsillitis.)
Omega 3, 6 and 9 (The omega fatty acids are beneficial to the skin and hair, the circulatory, reproductive and respiratory systems, and the brain.)
GLA (is believed to: Your body needs to have at least some amount of GLA to reduce natural inflammation and support greater break function.)
Phytosterols (is believed toPhytosterols act directly within the digestive system, blocking the absorption of cholesterol by as much as 40 percent.)
Phosspholipids (is believed to: Like omega-3 fatty acids, phospholipids are also important for optimal brain health. 
Carotenes (is believed: In addition to their role in cancer prevention, thecarotenes offer us protection from heart disease, too.) 
Calcium (is believed: Calcium deficiencies can increase the risk of high blood pressure, which can put undue stress on the heart.)
Magnesium (is believed: There are many health benefits of magnesium.Magnesium deficiency is more common than most people think. Magnesium helps calcium get absorbed for healthy bones.) 
Potassium (is believed: Significant amounts of potassium in the diet help soothe and relax feelings of anxiety, stress and irritability.)

That is right, so try a spoonful of this! 
You can still take the stairs, take a walk or pick up the pace and join an aerobics or an aquatic class, then indulge on some Cantaloupe, Carrots, dried apricots, lettuce, butternut squash or drink some homemade herbal tea. 
You will feel physically peaceful and beautifully youthful. 

Helps regenerate skin’s protective layer. Thanks to its content of Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids, hemp oil has a composition similar to skin lipids which makes it an excellent natural emollient and moisturizer. It is an ingredient in many skin and body care products. Hemp oil helps to calm irritated skin.

Smoother skin
Even texture
Less visible wrinkles
Less breakouts (for adult acne sufferers)
Supple skin
Velvety texture

Monday, June 17, 2013


Helps regenerate skin’s protective layer. Thanks to its content of Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids, hemp oil has a composition similar to skin lipids which makes it an excellent natural emollient and moisturizer. It is an ingredient in many skin and body care products. Hemp oil helps to calm irritated skin.

Smoother skin
Even texture
Less visible wrinkles
Less breakouts (for adult acne sufferers)
Supple skin
Velvety texture

Hemp Seed Oil Contains:
Vitamin E
Omega 3, 6 and 9
Natural Anti-Inflammatory

Friday, February 15, 2013


From K B- Name protected for confidentiality purposes

I am a man who was born into a family of overweight women. My grandmother, her sisters, and my mom and her sisters are all fat… okay I’ll keep it politically correct… they are large sized women. In fact they are very large.
Each one was easily weighs in at over a hundred pounds overweight. To be honest, I was really no different. The only thing that was different was the fact that usually only the women in my family were heavy and the men were lean. But the lean gene didn’t hit me, and instead I got the obesity gene.
Actually, I didn’t even know there was such a thing as an obesity gene until I spoke to my Weight Loss Coach. Before we started my personalized coaching program she had me do a saliva swab from the inside of my cheek. The saliva was tested, in a certified DNA lab, for an obesity gene. When the results came back I was not surprised that I had the gene. My weight was the first indicator and the DNA genetics obesity test confirmed it. I was a victim of circumstances all my life and didn’t even know it!!!
Once I found out I had the gene, my Weight Loss Coach and I worked on helping me to loss the weight and successfully keep it off. It was not easy at first. But with the knowledge I learned from my coach and her big time support (no pun intended) I was able to get the hang of it mighty fast.
In the beginning I weighed in at 253 lbs and I'm 6 feet tall. In the first six months I lost it. Now I’m 179lbs. But I still continued to see my weight Coach for a total of 9 months. Even though I learned how to get rid of what I call the fat man mentality, I was still scared of packing the pounds on again. I did well not to overindulge but the only reason I kept my coach was because of the support.
So now, a year later, I’ve made myself into a new person. I’m dating a hot chick, lol, or shall I say a beautiful woman, inside and out, who I would never imagine in a million years would be interested in me! Lol, she looks at my old fat pictures and can’t believe I was so fat.
We’re planning to get married, but our concern is that our children also will get the obesity gene that runs in my family. My girlfriend says, in the most sincere way “that’s life. At least we’ll know how to help our child with the proper foods, because now you know better now.” And I agree with her. I love the fact that she can see that this obesity
gene can be mitigated and hopefully one day be erased from my blood line.
Through coaching and mindfulness, and also willingness, I learned very much throughout the program. Life has become exciting. I want to live. I want to try new things. Being fat all my life from the time I was 6 years old has taken a toll on me… well not anymore, life is paying me back!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Do a DNA obesity gene test. The test is performed one of Toronto’s certified leading laboratory.
Why would you do this?
  • To help increase your knowledge about your body
  • To combat future weight gain by dealing with the obesity now
  • To prevent your children and grandchildren from suffering with obesity
  • To understand the real issues behind your weight
  • To help yourself

Obesity is genetic. It is real. It is painful. It is mentally draining. It is physically unhealthy.
Get the help you need today in order to live a longer, healthier and more meaningful life later.

Obesity affects the heart. Heart disease is one of the leading causes of death.
Get your test done today.

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Monday, February 11, 2013


After I had my first child I had packed on a few pounds but nothing too bad. Within three months I successfully lost the weight and was back into my old clothes. After my second child I started to understand the meaning of weight issues. I wasn't obese but I was almost there at 20lbs overweight. I started exercising more, eating more fruits and my waist line started to whittle. I was pumped and only had 10lbs to lose. Well then I got lazy and started making excuses to not go to the gym and before I knew it was back to my old bad eating habits and gained the 10lbs back and 5 more. I was fit to be tied. I wouldn’t go out dancing with husband, I wouldn’t go out on the town with the girls, the only thing I would do is go to the movies with my family and back home again. Other than that my life consisted of going to work and back home. I started to feel depressed and just couldn’t pull myself out of the funk.
When my co-worker told me about HEAL|RENEW ACCEL’HEMP Fat Fighter I thought why not. After all what did I have to lose except the weight itself? It’s been three months and I am so happy to report that I’ve lost the 20lbs in the first month and a half, and after being on it for two months I lost the whole 25lbs. I didn’t do anything major. Just a spoonful in the morning, afternoon and night, and I felt the fat burning off. Now I’m just maintaining.
Get this, the cost was $20 A MONTH!!!
Now it is not proven, but some believe it suppresses the appetite. I found that I wasn’t as hungry. Now what is proven is the fat burning ingredient which in my body worked wonders. My waist line whittled, my energy returned, I was looking younger and feeling younger.
I’ve been going out dancing with my husband, who by the way asked me if I went and secretly got botox done because of my youthful appearance. You see ACCEL’HEMP also has GLA in it which also helps with the appearance of the skin, including find lines!  This weekend is girl’s night out and we’re all headed out of town to one of those women only spas, we bought a groupon, and I’m so looking forward to the indoor pool, sauna, and also a massage.
Now that I’m back into my old clothes again… let me rephrase that because I threw out all my old clothes. Now that I’m back into my old size again, this woman is wearing an all new wardrobe for my all new body, I’m not allowing anything to prevent me from doing all that I can do!  
~ Kim H
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Friday, February 8, 2013


Whether you have 5 pounds or 150 pounds to lose taking off the weight can sometimes be one of the most difficult tasks in life to do. 
Most of us are over eaters and we know it. So we're not surprised when the fat packs on. 
What is surprising is when we do cut down on eating certain foods but yet our efforts still do not make enough of an impact on our bodies for us to lose the fat.
Here is a product that helps your body to burn the fat. Heal Renew Fat Fighter. 
Just like the name says, it is a fat fighter.
How does it burn the fat? 
Well first of all, rest assured that the fat fighter is a natural oil. It is cold pressed from the Hemp plant. It has no intoxicating effects and no harmful side effects. 
The active fat fighting ingredient that is contained in the HEAL RENEW Fat Fighter is called CONJUGATED LINOLEIC ACID or CLA
CLA is an acid that combats the fat storing process that our body does when we eat. 
All of us have an enzyme in our bodies called Lipoprotein lipase (LPL). As soon as we eat food it breaks down the fat and stores it in our body.  
CLA hinders LPL, so your body stores less fat. CLA also helps destroy fat cells before your body stores them, and it helps turn fat into energy. 

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